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Tom Mansfield, President
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Tom Mansfield, President​

Tom started his career as in the hospitality industry in Vail, CO. Later, he acquired a retail floral and gift store in the area. After selling the store and 14 years in Vail, Tom moved his family back to his hometown of St. Louis, MO. There he started a retail wine and spirits shop in Chesterfield, MO, a suburb of St. Louis, and earned his Sommelier Certification. Eventually Tom sold the business to an investor and jumped into the exciting world of credit card processing. As a business owner, Tom understands the frustrations and importance that credit card processing and all forms of transaction acceptance entail in any retail operation. His understanding of the real life processes that merchants experience drives his ability to empathize and offer practical solutions to issues vital for a merchant’s profitability and growth.

Tom's expertise in the industry spans various aspects. Tom has been designated court expert in cases involving credit card processing and is very attuned to current changes in the industry. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from The Colorado State University School of Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude.

Tom can be reached at TMansfield@ReliantPay.com.

Denny Kammer, Vice President, Sales​Email DKammer@ReliantPay.com

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Denny Kammer, Vice President​

Denny has led various sales teams throughout his career.  Denny’s career began at Southwestern Bell where he managed sales teams with training emphasis on product and service differentiation.  Denny then moved on to help start XO communications where he was a visionary in the mobile processing industry.  Denny later moved to National sales at Sprint Nextel where he matched strength of internal and external sales and marketing resources to best position products and services to the account.  Denny brings his technical and sales focused abilities to support our sales staff as well as merchants.

Denny can be reached at DKammer@ReliantPay.com.

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ReliantPay was established in 2008 to provide merchants with a truly unique approach to credit card processing. ReliantPay focuses on efficient processes to provide merchants with the tools to control processing costs.

ReliantPay's founders are from diverse industries. Tom Mansfield has owned and operated numerous small business, and Denny Kammer has been involved in launches in the telecom industry. Together, their mission is to bring logical and ethical solutions to our customers. Our diverse, entrepreneurial backgrounds offer insight into varied approaches to solutions.

Our client base spans market industries, including retail, wholesale, non profit, educational, and service companies.  ReliantPay helps merchants control credit card processing fees through our collaborative approach to our clients.

At ReliantPay we structure our hiring, training and compensation programs to reinforce a customer first approach.  ReliantPay, Inc. merchant services helps you take control of your merchant credit card processing and your credit card processing fees.

  • If we meet your goals we meet our goals.
  • We provide on going education for our customers to achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and then stay compliant.

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