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Turn a smart phone into a Mobile POS device!

At ReliantPay, we partner with vendors to deliver the highest security possible and the convenience of a mobile phone. Available for use on over 400+ phones, our solutions are the definitive application for processing major credit cards like Visa® and MasterCard® all on your mobile phone. With features such as real time authorization, emailed receipts, void, and online reporting, you can trust that your business is flying at the speed of business.

Our solutions give you the lowest rates on credit transactions while rigorously protecting your customers’ personal data. Remember the big one that got away?

Never again. When you invest the time in getting a prospect ready to place a big order, wrap up the deal without delay by taking their credit card right then and there — using just your cell phone.

Our solutions adhere to the highest possible standards in payment security. Being PCI certified (Payment Card Industry), you can trust that your transactions are processed accordingly. No personal data is retained on your cell phone.

With ReliantPay's mobile solutions you use your current cell phone and your current calling plan. The service works on all major cell phones. It's just pennies per transaction. Our solutions also include a web interface so you can securely enter credit card data from your PC or Mac's desktop.

Contractors, in-home service providers, trade-show retailers all need to take payments from remote locations. The ability to accept cards anywhere expands the reach of many companies that need to accept cards anywhere. With ReliantPay's solutions, your business goes with you anywhere and anytime.​

With ReliantPay's solutions you can:

  • Quickly process credit card orders through your iPhone, Blackberry or Droid smart phone
  • Real-time authorization
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • Log cash orders for reporting and receipts
  • Secure and safe connections and transactions
  • Email receipts to your customers
  • Receive card present rates from 1.45%
  • Build up your customer list for future marketing efforts
  • Check transcation history and reports on your phone or online

■  eCommerce

■  EMV Chip & Pin Security

■  Retail Merchants

■  Websites

■  B2B Merchant Services

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