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Our Remote Deposit Capture solutions offer you flexibility and
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Simply Deposit

The best solution for depositing checks remotely

Simply Deposit(TM) is a Remote Deposit Capture software solution that enables small businesses to easily deposit checks electronically without having to physically go to the bank

It’s no secret that depositing checks right from your desktop is the hottest banking service since the ATM. With Simply Deposit™ you’ll save money, save time, and have access to your money a lot sooner. It’s quite simply the most comprehensive system available on the market.  Ach Payment, Ach transaction and ach deposit are all secure with ReliantPay's solution. 

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Ach Deposit

ReliantPay Remote Deposit

electronification platform that enables the capture, processing and routing of all check items through ACH, Check 21 and Image Exchange processing endpoints.

Whether you are a corporate biller, a merchant, or any type of business collecting paper checks, ITMS WebClient is the ideal solution for you. The ITMS WebClient can be deployed quickly and easily so you can immediately take advantage of the efficiencies and cost savings associated with check electronification (ACH, Check 21 and Image Exchange). 

The ITMS WebClient can be deployed quickly and easily with little to no capital investment with no software to install. You and your customers can immediately electronify check payments through the Internet and take advantage of the efficiencies and cost savings associated with check electronification (ACH, Check 21 and Image Exchange).

The ITMS WebClient is a secure, feature-rich, browser-based payments processing platform that facilitates the electronic deposit of payments received by paper checks. It is the ideal solution for corporate and business environments that have many points of remote or distributed capture locations, as well as those who have large central processing centers.

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ITMS (Image and Transactions Management System) is a more robust solution for electronic check conversion. ITMS is a comprehensive check

ITMS Solutions

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