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ReliantPay Virtual Terminal

With First Data Global Gateway you can:

Process Transactions the Way You Want—from Anywhere—In First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal, there is a virtual Point of Sale (POS) terminal that functions similarly to the terminals commonly used at retail stores. Merchants simply enter the data needed for the transaction and go. It can even automatically track and perform recurring transactions (for subscription services, for example). And because it runs via the Internet, you can log on from anywhere with Internet access, giving you instant access to process orders from wherever you are.

Manage Your First Data Global Gateway Accounts—

First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal allows merchants to manage everything from one place.

  • View transaction reports anytime, anyplace, so they can see just how well their stores are doing.
  • Change passwords, switch between live and test mode, set fraud settings, and view user agreements.
  • Access all First Data Global Gateway Connect management functions.
  • Get Support.
  • Customize the entire First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal experience. Merchants can customize the e-mail receipts that are sent for every transaction. They can make the virtual POS terminal into a simple retail swipe terminal, a mail-order/telephone-order system, a recurring transaction processor, or their own custom terminal. Merchants even have the capability to choose their own custom colors and graphics for their First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal and First Data Global Gateway Connect screens.
  • You can co-brand FDGVT pages, painting it with your own corporate look and feel.

Sell Things from Your Web Sites with Global Gateway Connect—First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal is also a portal for First Data Global Gateway Connect administrative functions. First Data Global Gateway Connect allows merchants to post transactions from their web sites using a simple HTML form. We collect the sensitive information on our secure server and return the customer to the merchant's web site. Merchants use the friendly First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal interface to manage all aspects of their First Data Global Gateway Connect accounts.

Integrate your Shopping Cart with Global Gateway API - The Global Gateway API software modules build payment solutions that fit your unique needs. You can pick and choose the modules you need. After you have integrated the Global Gateway API payment module into your Web site, customers can purchase items on your Web site and all payment details are processed automatically. You can review transaction activity by visiting the Global Gateway Virtual Terminal.

  • Here is an example of a simple transaction as it travels through from customer order to approval. 1. A customer makes a purchase from a merchant's online store over the Internet. 2. The ordering information is received by the merchant's CSP or by the merchant's own server (self-hosting). 3. The merchant's customized software receives the information, uses the tax and shipping calculators as needed, calculates the order total and passes relevant order and payment information to the Global Gateway API payment module. 4. The Global Gateway API payment module transports the order data through the secure sockets layer (SSL) pipeline to the Global Gateway API secure server. The Global Gateway API service contacts and transmits the data through a dedicated, secure frame relay system to the banking network. 5. After the transaction is approved and settled, funds are withdrawn from the credit card-issuing bank and deposited into the merchant bank account. 6. A confirmation e-mail is sent to the merchant and the purchaser when the transaction is completed.

First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal Features And Advantages:

  • Fraud Protection—Provides crucial preventive measures that allow merchants to block specific credit card numbers, Internet protocol (IP) or Class C addresses, customer names, or domain names.
  • Address Verification Service (AVS)—Helps merchants' combat fraud by comparing the consumer's billing address with the address on file with the card-issuing bank. If the two match, merchants know there is a lower chance of fraud.
  • Online Reports and Account Management—Provides real-time management reports via the merchant's Web browser, including bar and pie charts with drill-down action to instantly see the data under the picture.
  • E-mail Notification—Both merchants and customers are notified of pending order and transaction approvals via e-mail.
  • Customized look and feel—Merchants can choose from several graphical themes--or replace the graphics and colors with their own logos and corporate colors.
  • Custom POS Terminals—Merchants can choose which fields to display on their virtual POS terminal page. They can even set some fields as required (or optional) and assign default values.
  • Product Catalog—Merchants can incorporate their own product catalog, with up to 200 items. This allows faster, more consistent order entry with reduced errors. Plus merchants can track product sales using the Item Sales Statistics report.
  • Multi-store Reports—Merchants can view consolidated transaction reports for multiple stores with multiple users. Transaction reports show store number and user ID for each transaction.
  • Multiple Users With Access Controls—Merchants can have multiple users, each with their own User ID and password. Each user has specific, merchant-defined permissions within the system. Transaction reports show user ID for easy auditing and tracking.

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First Data Global Gateway

First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal is a way for merchants to process credit card and debit card transactions.It acts as a secure portal for merchants to manage everything related to transaction processing, from running secure transactions themselves to setting up their web site to run transactions for them, from preventing fraud to reviewing transaction reports to getting technical support and help. Everything is readily available right within the Global Gateway.

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