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Credit Card Lawsuit Means Money for Merchants

This article was written by Tom Mansfield at ReliantPay. The article examines the recent settlement between merchants and the service providers.

Also, the official link is Security Standards Council is

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Steps in Credit Card Transaction

This guide examines step by step the players in the credit card clearing process and exhibits the parties that collect and their role in the process.

How to Manage your Cash Better

This article explains ways to manage your cash better. Of interest to us is the section "Merchant credit card processing". "There is no inherent advantage to relying on your bank for processing....".

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ReliantPay Education Center

At ReliantPay we believe an educated merchant is our ideal customer. We realize our industry can be complicated and confusing. Unfortunately there are even some "questionable eggs" out there that take advantage of these complications. In our efforts to help merchants understand our business, we've developed this resource.

Interchange 101

ReliantPay has developed this guide to help understand the complexities of interchange, and the different catagories cards may fall into.

PCI Compliance - 
What is it and Why You Should Care

This article was written by Tom Mansfield at ReliantPay. The article examines the logic around PCI compliance and the reasons you should do all you can to become compliant.

Also, the link to PCI Security Standards Council is

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Cracking the Code

A good article in Inc. magazine that helps explain our industry and the players involved. It explains what to look for on your bill and other interesting things your processor might have neglected to tell you.

ReliantPay's Guide to Achieving Better Processing Rates

This guide has been developed to help our merchants understand the basics of processing and includes some simple steps you can take to alleviate some unnecessary processing costs.