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An Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account enables you to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and electronic check payments. More than 305,000 merchants trust Authorize.Net for payment processing and online fraud prevention solutions.


Payeezy Virtual Terminal is a way for merchants to process credit card and debit card transactions. It acts as a secure portal for merchants to manage everything related to transaction processing, from running secure transactions themselves to setting up their web site to run transactions for them, from preventing fraud to reviewing transaction reports to getting technical support and help. Everything is readily available right within the gateway.

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Accept credit cards and checks online!! Our robust programs offer solutions from simple one item capabilities to full fledged shopping carts. Our payment gateways work with virtually any ecommerce situation.

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The eProcessingNetwork Payment Gateway enables merchants to securely Process and Control their Internet, Mobile, Point of Sale, Recurring and Business Financial Software transactions.

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