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The TeleCheck® Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) Warranty service gives merchants an increased level of protection and an efficient option for accepting checks at the point-of-sale.

The Challenge

Many consumers prefer to write checks for purchases and merchants who refuse to accept them turn away business. Accepting checks requires attention to the management of risk due to fraud and returned checks. Accepting checks has its costs. They need to be verified, reconciled, deposited at a bank and processed, which usually means several days before the funds are available.

The Solution

The TeleCheck® ECA® Warranty service offers merchants a comprehensive solution for check acceptance, incorporating authorization, settlement and collections. It combines the industry’s most sophisticated check acceptance system with a warranty service option for “peace of mind” over returned check liability. As a result, you can accept more checks, including low-numbered, out-of-town, and even out-of-state checks.

Here’s How It Works

The TeleCheck ECA Warranty service allows you to accept checks easily, efficiently and safely. You benefit from reduced bank fees, lowered operating expenses and improved cash flow through faster funding. And with the warranty service, returned check processing and collections can be managed by TeleCheck. The service converts a paper check into an electronic transaction at the point-of-sale. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is used to process the transaction and fund your account generally within two business days. Plus, if a check is returned, TeleCheck manages the entire collections process giving you more time to focus on your customers.

Help Your Business

  • Accept more checks with minimal risk
  • Minimize collections operations
  • Make fewer trips to the bank
  • Reduce bank fees and processing costs
  • Improve cash flow
  • Streamline back office operations
  • Reduce the risk of lost, stolen or damaged checks
  • Protect your customer’s personal information
  • Limit your liability for fraudulent and returned checks

Help Your Customers

  • Reduce the likelihood of identity theft
  • Manage accurate records and balance checks easily
  • Select the payment option that they prefer to use


  • Point-of-sale check conversion
  • Faster funding and simpler reconciliation
  • Access to extensive check-writer negative and activity databases for current check-writer information
  • Liability protection for fraudulent and returned checks
  • Professional collections operation
  • Courteous and helpful check-writer support


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TeleCheck® Electronic Check Acceptance®
(ECA®) Warranty Service

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